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Version: 4.14.7

Remove Headers Component

The Remove Headers component can be used to remove headers that are not needed anymore from an exchange.


The Remove Headers component has the following configuration options:


Specify the regular expression(s) for the headers that should be removed.


Specify the regular expression(s) for the headers that should be ignored.

Regular expressions

You can use:

  • text to specify a header name, in this case the header named text.
  • * to remove all headers.
  • | as a separation symbol to specify a list of headers that should be removed or excluded.
  • () to encapsulate an expression:
    • (text_*) will remove or exclude all headers starting with text_[something].
    • (*_text) will remove or exclude all headers ending with [something]_text.
case sensitivity

Headers in Dovetail are case-insensitive, but the Remove Headers component works in a case-sensitive way. For example: a header with the name Subject will not be removed when you specify subject in the Pattern option.

remove all

When you use the * wildcard in the Pattern attribute not all headers are removed. Some headers, like breadcrumbId, are excluded from removal because they are used by the backend.


If you configure the Remove Headers component with the following settings:

  • Pattern: *
  • Exclude: (text_*)|text3

And there is an exchange with the following headers: text_1, text2, text3 and text_.

The results is that text_1 and text2 will be removed. While text3 and text_ will be ignored.