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Version: 4.14.7

EDI to XML component

Dovetail can integrate with external systems that use custom EDI files to represent data.

The EDI to XML component offers an XML representation of the content of EDI files, when configured with the appropriate delimiters used by the EDI file.


The EDI to XML component has the following configuration options:

PropertyDefault valueDescription
SegmentLBDelimiter to identify different segments, the first is considered to be the header
Field~Delimiter to identify different fields
Component^Delimiter to identify different components
SubComponent!Delimiter to identify different sub-components


  • Within Segment the LB delimiter is a special keyword that is interpreted as a line break. It is only available as a segment delimiter. If used, each row in the EDI file will be considered a segment.
  • The XML representation of an EDI file includes an element describing the delimiters used during the transformation.


When given the following input:


The EDI to XML component will yield the following output:

<delimiters segment="LB" field="~" component="^" sub-component="!" />