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Version: 4.14.7

Archive component

The Archive component unpacks an archive onto the body or packs the body into an archive. By default the Archive component unpacks an archive.

The unpacked or to be packed body can be either of the type:

  • Binary: i.e. a quote.pdf or image.jpg
  • Text: i.e. an order.xml or product.json
unpack multiple files

Unpacking an archive with multiple files will set each file on it's own 'seperate' body continuing to follow the flow after the Archive component.


The Archive component has the following configuration options:

Pack archive

Enable this option to pack the body into an archive, instead of unpacking an archive.

set CamelFileName

Every body (file) that is added to the zip archive needs to have a CamelFileName header. Set it with a SetHeaders component when necessary. Make sure to add the correct extension for the filetype of the body.

pack multiple files

Use the Enrich component with File Type set to Add to zip to add files to an existing archive.

Archive Type

Specify the type of archive you want to unpack or pack.


  • Zip (default)