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Version: 4.11.0

Listing test flows

The initial screen of the flow manager shows a list of the installed integration flows in the selected environment divided in flow groups. Note that flows that generated errors in the case that they were never able to start, will not be displayed.

The flow manager relies on installed flows being able to register themselves with the Dovetail backend.

It is possible to search on the flow name and will only search within the selected status. Only flow groups that contain flows that match the search criteria are shown in the manager.

Switching between environments

Everywhere in the flow manager you have the ability to switch between environments via the environments dropdown on the upper right corner. Only the flows of the currently selected environment are shown.

Flow manager environment switcher

Displaying runtime information of installed flows

Flow manager runtime information

Each installed flow can be in one of several stable statuses (Started, Suspended), or transitional statuses (Starting, Suspending, Stopping). A select box is presented to filter through the stable statuses. The transitional statuses will most often be very short-lived.

Along with the flow name, other information is shown on screen:

  • The installed version
  • The tracing setting
  • The status of the flow
  • The uptime in hours and minutes
  • The number of completed exchanges, pending exchanges and failed exchanges
  • The date and time of the last completed exchange and the last failed exchange

An exchange is the communication of a payload between 2 components in a flow.


The flow statistics details regarding the number and timestamp of the exchanges are calculated in a background job every minute so what is shown can be outdated by a minute at the most. Getting the current statistics on demand can be done in each flow's details page.

Uninstalled flows list

It is also possible to see a list of uninstalled flows by selecting the status Uninstalled in the dropdown button at the top of the page. This shows a basic list of all the uninstalled flows. By clicking on one of the flows you will be redirected to the logs of that flow. On this page it is also possible to see the transactions if the flow. Since the flow is uninstalled the logs and transactions that are shown come from when it was installed.