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Version: 4.16.0

Multipart component

The Multipart component translates a binary body to a multipart form data body.

Short description of Multipart Form Data:

'multipart/form-data' means that no characters will be encoded. That is why this type is mostly used while uploading files to a server. So multipart/form-data is used when a endpoint expects the result of a (web) form with binary data, like the contents of a file.


The Multipart component has the following configuration options:

Field nameMultipart form data uses a key/value principal that allows you to configure the field name that holds the binary data.

Content type header

The Multipart component also uses the content-type header to determine the MIME type of the binary body. After processing the binary body the component will set the content-type header to multipart/form-data.


  • If there is no filename defined in the CamelFileName header, Dovetail will configure the filename as UndefinedFileName in the Multipart form data body (without extension).